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stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. The assumption of the diet was based on its creator, Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst, on the observation of animals living in the wild. It consists in imitating their diet.

The BARF diet is a response to the biological needs of carnivorous animals such as dogs, but it must be properly balanced. Science gives us answers to what our animals need for certain ingredients, and this knowledge must be used. The elements of the BARF diet are: meat (it is the basis of the diet), organs, bones (always raw, always bones with meat on them) and, optionally, a small addition of vegetables or fruit. We supplement the diet with supplementation, which is designed to supplement the deficiencies that may occur when meat and organs from industrial farming are the basis. It should also be remembered that in nature, the dog eats its prey together with the hair and organs that are not easily accessible, e.g. the brain, spleen, eyes, etc.
The basic supplements in the dog’s diet are fish oils (for omega-3 fatty acids), brewer’s yeast (for B vitamins), algae (iodine) and, in the case of using bloodied meats – hemoglobin. In the case of sick dogs and dogs with special needs, supplementation may be modified and extended with additional items.

69492406 Gray Wolf Canis lupus CAPT Standing in Snowbank Eating Deer Carcass Native to North America